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Health tourism is the use of health and tourism opportunities by people traveling from their place of residence to another country for the purpose of protecting and improving health or treating diseases. The person traveling for this purpose is called a health tourist.[1] In the past, this term was generally used as visits to health centers in developed countries from underdeveloped countries, but today international patient circulation has begun to change direction. Health tourists from developed countries also go to other countries due to affordable prices and alternative treatment opportunities.

While people are solving their health problems today, not only the physicians in their own countries or their prices; It acts by evaluating the best solution and best price options. Based on this, travels made for treatment and vacation, intercity or intercountry are called "Health Tourism". Individuals from natural resources, medical services, tourist facilities; meeting their health and recreational needs; All of the services they receive in order to protect their health, to find healing and to be treated are under the umbrella of health tourism. Health tourism also aims to offer medical options to ensure the comfort of patients and their families.

Health tourism; Traveling from one country to another for any reason (length of waiting period, affordability of treatment or better quality health care, etc.) only for treatment. The events encountered during the round trip and accommodation outside the hospital should be evaluated within the scope of tourism. It is the field of health tourism that our patients with dental problems stay in the most comfortable environment, receive treatment from reliable and professional doctors, and spend their free time with different activities during the treatment period.

In recent years, there have been serious breakthroughs in the private health sector in our country, and private hospitals have begun to increase at a level that can compete with European standards. As we can compete in quality, we can easily compete with Europe in terms of costs. For this reason, our patients, who consider our country and city for treatment, will both receive their treatment and make the most of their free time during the treatment for much lower prices.

At the point reached in Europe, there is a need for health service providers that are cheaper for insurance, which has to purchase expensive health care services, and for the insured, who do not compromise on quality, and whose waiting time is short. As a result, Europe has become a candidate to receive cheap health services from abroad.

The distinguished city of the Black Sea, Trabzon, has also made its name known throughout the country and in the eyes of the countries, paving the way for the service sector, and hospitals and branch centers with the potential to compete with world standards have been opened in our province in recent years. As in the past, patients no longer need to go to Istanbul, Ankara or abroad for heart surgery, eye laser treatment or dental implant treatment. The reason for this is the opening of hospitals that can compete with world standards in terms of both cost and quality and the creation of service infrastructure.

We, as Muhammet Aktürk dental clinic, think that we have created this infrastructure. First of all, we are striving to provide high standards of service to our citizens coming from countries where our expatriates are concentrated, such as Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Belgium, and to these visitors, as our city has attracted the attention of Arab tourists in recent years. We believe that we offer all dental services, from implant treatment to aesthetic prosthesis applications, from maxillofacial surgery operations to root canal treatment and fillings, at the most affordable prices, without compromising quality, with our experienced team.



Health Tourism - Muhammet Akturk - Dentist - Trabzon - Turkey

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